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Today, 19 December 2022, E.DSO is publishing a new customer brochure “CUSTOMERS’ POWER - Use cases from E.DSO’s members for a participative electric distributed generation and integrations into their grids”, demonstrating how E.DSO members are leading the way in empowering customers.

The current energy crisis made us realise that there are two fundamental drivers to decarbonisation.

First, we need to act quick. This exemplifies why, in this difficult year, DSOs did put their efforts on the back burner. Energy efforts today results in more climate value for the future.  

The second driver is to make customers key players of the energy system as their actions and behaviors can have an impact on the system. Some of DSOs’ activities are dependent of customers actions: matching an electrical vehicle charging time with the grid constraints, adapting their energy consumption thanks to smart metering data, or integrating domestic generation of solar PV to the network. These actions require adapting internal processes and providing new and easier services to match consumers’ needs while addressing the challenges of the decarbonisation.

Historically, DSOs are not typically known for their customer-centricity. For long, the energy system used to be a one-way flow from DSOs to customers. Today, DSOs are moving towards a customer-led future by deploying foundational technology, new platforms, agile practices, new governance models, strong risk management and security, to name a few. Similarly, customers are more involved in DSOs activities than before since the large amount of data and increased advanced technology allows the companies to understand their customers better and serve them in more direct and convenient ways.

One of the greatest opportunities for customers is through self-service options, via which customers have the power to control their electricity needs and use. We come to realise that DSOs that are most successful in their climate transitions, start decarbonisation with the customer in mind and work backward across offerings, operations, and the supply.

It is essential to understand that not all customers are moving at the same pace, so targeting the right ones based on their carbon ambition, progress, and internal carbon price used is the best way to achieve the right green transition.

Have a look at real-life examples of our members empowering customers by downloading our new brochure.