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E.DSO has contributed to the AIOTI WG Energy paper on “Leveraging IoT and Edge Computing Infrastructures to foster Energy Flexibilities through next energy sectorial integration” where the approach of the int:net project is outlined. 

The paper provides a comprehensive overview on the ongoing developments and directions of flexibility services in the energy domain, focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing infrastructures that foster the system advancements.

The 1st section covers the ongoing transformation of the electrical systems and the existing regulatory barriers for the digitalization of power grids. Section 2 consists of presenting the role of IoT and edge computing devices enabling flexibility use cases, analysing the essential role of big data platforms and their characteristics. In section 3, the large scale flexibility is addressed with 3 main points in particular. Section 4 presents the interoperability frameworks, which constitute the baseline for the implementation and realization of flexibility. Section 5 addresses the concept and role of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in illustrating its configuration, the different VPP types and the impact in the deployment of energy flexibility. In section 6, the position of energy consumers and their engagement are covered. Finally, section 7 presents the conclusions and recommendations, sub-divided according to 3 target categories: policy makers and regulators, researchers and industry, utilities and energy distributors.

Please download the document to read its full content.