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On 5 April 2022, the European Commission made a legislative proposal to revise the F-gas Regulation in line with the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law and recent international obligations under the Montreal Protocol.

E.DSO, Eurelectric, GEODE and WindEurope fully support the European Commission’s decarbonisation objectives and its ambition to cut F-gas related emissions as a step towards climate neutrality. Achieving the EU’s sustainability and decarbonisation objectives is only possible if four principles are followed: 

  • At least two efficient alternatives to SF6 are made available
  • Equipment already installed remains repairable and maintainable until the end of its designed life
  • Projects that are already at an advanced stage of development and/or their permitting are not endangered
  • Leak checks are fit-for-purpose and do not cause additional harm

In this joint letter, we show our strong support for the four principles above and urge the co-legislators to take them into consideration for a successful F-gas Regulation revision. 

Please download the document to read more.