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E.DSO provides value-added insights and services to advance the strategic interests of the leading Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Main benefits of membership:

  • Maintain a direct influence on relevant European policy debates related to energy files and distribution grids
  • Discuss the latest policy proposals, reports, and documents from the European Institutions and other relevant stakeholders
  • Contribute to public consultations by the European Commission and other stakeholders
  • Be part of a unique network and knowledge-sharing platform on technical and regulatory questions relevant for DSOs and energy experts
  • Join consortia of EU-funded projects and share in knowledge from cutting-edge projects
  • Be part of our Assembly and Board meetings and of our policy, technology and/or projects Committees and respective Task Forces
  • Be involved in European events on grids, cybersecurity and innovation
  • Get international exposure through events and media
  • Have the opportunity to interact with related business associations
  • Receive a monthly newsletter with updates on E.DSO activities

For further information about E.DSO Membership terms and fees, you can contact our Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).